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¡¡¡¡CONMTECH adopt the high crystalloid graphite grain as aggregate, and the special high-temperature asphalt as binder, adding composite dopant, use the unique high thermal molded - high temperature sintering integration named "hot pressing technology" manufactured the products with the property such as super conductivity and heat conducting performance, excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, low friction, light weight, high strength characteristics. The heat conduction coefficient of products were up to 400 ~ 450 W/ (m.K) and 600 ~ 650 W/ (m.K) with high thermal conductivity and ultra high thermal conductive graphite block material, is very suitable for high power density of electronic devices, high-class level electronic industrial devices, high power solid state semiconductor lighting (LED), solar energy absorption and utilization, the field of radiator for industrial equipment, aerospace thermal management etc..

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