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  Carbon anode plate is the first selection of medium temperature electrolysis fluorine system electrode materials. At present the electrolysis fluorine system requirement property for carbon anode as below: Fine performance of fluorine and hydrogen fluoride resistant, Don’t drop slag (powder). Fine electrical conductivity and low specific resistance. The electrolyte invasive carbon anode plate well and small overvoltage.

  High mechanical strength is suitable to the long time working station during high electric density. High volume density ensures the pieces caused by partial crack drop into the electrolytic cell bottom avoid short circuit between electrodes.

  At present there are also Graphite and Nickel etc be adopt as anode materials for electrolysis fluorine system. Graphite material liable welling and splintering in fused sylvine while the hydrogen fluoride concentration be 30% degree. So the graphite material only appropriate to be anode plate for high thermal electrolytic cell. Nickel has high electric conductivity, for high moisture content in electrolyte, so nickel will not be anodize polarization. Nickel occurs high speed electrochemical corrosion rate so its current efficiency be less than 65%. So nickel only be adopted as the anode materials of electrolytic and electrolysis dewatering in medium temperature. For above reasons the carbon anode plate is the unique anode materials widely application to the medium temperature electrolysis fluorine system at present.


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