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¡¡¡¡Hot blast furnace is the most important thermal equipment of BF, its¡¯ operating efficiency obtains great significance to the BF increasing hot blast temperature, improve the out put energy and cost saving. The external combustion hot blast furnace matching the giant size BF adopted the mullite-cordierite quality refractory as the ceramic burner materials. This hot blast furnace refractory technology is the BaoSteel Group introduced from NSSC of Japan in the 1980s; soon afterwards via localization manufacture mullite- cordierite brick has been in using at present. BaoSteel Group¡¯ BF service life is about 15 to 20 years, and the hot blast furnace service life be required double that is 30 to 40 years. The cordierite quality ceramic burner manufactured according to the original technology become the most weak position of the refractory which reducing the hot blast furnace service life, crazing slagging dusting and falling off are the ceramic burner common problems. Hence the ceramic burners have to be replaced or repaired during the BF first generation service life and bad affect the BF operation. From the 1980s, Chinese refractory technology improvement is vary fast, both the refractory raw materials and production manufacture technology there have been fundamental changed. So the manufacture process of mullite-cordierite refractory for ceramic burner has more and better choice depends on the technical development of super micro-powder, super low-cement, efficient additive and casting process new technology. Our company research & developed vacuum casting processed mullite-cordierite bricks to meet the technical property requirement of ceramic burner. This composite bricks have high strength, high thermal-shocking resistance and good integrality. It¡¯ key performance data is better than same quality products formed by mechanical pressing. The refractory for ceramic burner require thermal resistance, anti-scouring, corrosion resistance and high RUL temperature, more important property is thermal- shocking resistance must be very good. Mullite has the properties such as high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient and conductivity, good resistance to chemical attack, excellent mechanical performance etc. Cordierite has very low thermal expansion coefficient, high strength and good thermal-shocking resistance performances. Combining advanced monolithic refractory production and manufacturing technology, the ceramic burner refractory we R & D has more excellent comprehensive performance and better cost performance.