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Customer Service

  Oue marketing strategy:

  Taking the customer satisfaction as our duty, the better customer service as our pursuit , improving the customer value as our goal.

  Oue quality policy:

  Only qualified and rejected products, no defective goods.

  Pre-sale service:

  1、Providing the technical consulting, industry development status and market situation freely.

  2、Assigned national expert to the client having technical communication, handling the deviation problem such as drawings and technical indicators;

  3、Setting up the project team and assigning professional salesman to have One-on-one communication services.

  4、Providing all around technical solution for the long-life of blast furnace and submerged arc furnace.

  on- purchase service

  1、Providing the transportatio, accommodation, communication and medical service for the customer¨s supervision and inspection personnel.

  2、Providing prenatal try products process program and try products physical and chemical indicators to customer.

  3、Providing the products process control record according to ISO-9001:2008 quality standard strictly.

  4、Providing the batch product inspection report to customer.

  5、Delivering the goods to the most convenient place for customer 15 days in advance with the best way of transportation as per the requirement of customer.

  6、Sending the information of delivering date, material list, the vehicle, vehicle no and the contact information of driver to the related person of customer by tax 12 hours in advance in order to help the customer to be known about the delivering information and arrange the unloading work.

  7、Ensuring packing marks clear, be filled completely and without missing items; Attachment in the packing box is complete, the attachment contains the material list, certificate of quality inspection, construction and application instructions and other related information required by the client.

  8、Emergency measures: in order to ensure the construction schedule, the contract products will reach to the customer designated sites ahead of 3 days at speed of 200 tons per day; the added products out of the scope of contact , if we have inventory, will reach to the customer designated sites timely at speed of 150 tons per day; If the added products out of the scope of contact need to be produced, from the 22nd day, they will be delivered to the customer designated sites at speed of 50-80 tons per day. For shortage products because of the accident in the process of transportation, our company ensure to supply timely; If there are some surplus products supplied by us in the customer¨s site for some reason, our company ensure to recovery timely.

  9、During construction, the company will assign the professional technical personnel on-site to the construction site to have technical guidance, to record the problems and solutions in the construction process in time , and improve them in the future service.

  After service

  1、We will follow and collect the usage of products timely during using, and compare the other similar furnace with same type, evaluation results will be fed back to customer timely and help the customer to improve it timely.

  2、If the material appeared quality objection in using, we will assign the professional technical personnel to reach the customer site within 48 hours after receiving the customer¨s feedback, to analysis and deal with the question. If the material have quality problem, we will replace, allocate the products or organize production again as per the specific circumstances combined with customer comment timely.

  Other commitments:

  1、Supplying the material in time according to the contract strictly, any lost caused by not on time delivery will be born by supplier.

  2、Carrying out ISO - 9001:2008 quality management system standard strictly, resolutely don't let an unqualified products leave factory, fully meet customer quality requirements;

  3、If the service personnel be assigned to the customer¨s site can not meet the customer¨s requirement, we will change other one unconditionally and until the customer be satisfied.

  Our Service Concept

  Creating value for customers, letting customers be satisfied forever!