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¡¡¡¡Henan Crossing Ocean New Material Technology Co., Ltd is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-grade thermo-technical carbon graphite materials. The company mainly specialized in thermo technical carbon R&S, manufacture, market sale and relevant products design & construction services. Our company owns 6 Automatic forming devices for Thermal molded-pressing carbon material, currently these devices are the leading level both in the domestic international industrial field, It¡¯s the global second that after American successfully researched and developed independent, and these devices formed batch industrial produce ability and achieved national patent, (the patent no£º2013 2 0112234.6). Our products are very suitable to be applied in metallurgy industry, High power density electronic devices, High-end electronic devices, High-power solid-state semiconductor lighting (LED), Absorption and utilization of solar energy, Radiator for industrial devices and Aerospace thermal management and metallurgy industries field etc. We uphold the conception of innovate to provide the best solution for the customer solutions.